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Complaint Review: Andrea Mann


Andrea Mann, CCC

Speech Pathology /Therapy

27 Pine Needle Rd

Boulder, CO 80304

Telephone: 303 449 0880


Andrea Mann is an  Incompetent and Unethical Speech Therapist Boulder, Colorado



Andrea Mann  has continually and repeatedly engaged in course of conduct that violates the ASHA Code of Ethics in that she has:

* engaged in the provision of clinical services of speech-language pathology or audiology without having achieved the appropriate professional certification in that area of service;

* engaged in aspects of the profession that were outside the scope of her competence;

* failed to delegate and relinquish the provision of clinical services to a person who had achieved the appropriate professional certification in the area(s) of service which the patient's doctor had prescribed;

* delegated the responsibility of providing services to untrained staff then failed to supervise or monitor the provision of these services;

* made statements to the public as well as a court investigator about the nature and management of professional services that were inaccurate;

* engaged in dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, and other forms of conduct that adversely reflects her fitness to serve persons professionally;

Andrea Mann does not know what she is doing and, as a result, patients, is being denied the basic right to communicate! The fact is that Andrea Mann  would rather the patients not be able to have the full benefit of available technology than admit she couldn’t find her own backside with a flashlight and a roadmap is not only in unethical it is unconscionable. The patient, who is the most vulnerable person here, is being hurt by a totally incompetent practitioner.



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